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Friday, January 25, 2008

What is Book Sense? Supporting Your Local Booksellers

If you look to the left of this post, you'll see a cute little Book Sense logo. That logo will direct you to a website where you can buy books - locally! When you input your zip code, Book Sense will take you to the independent bookseller nearest you where you can purchase all those books you've had a hanker for, including the ones I review here! In fact, anywhere you see the name of a book mentioned on carp(e) libris, I've got it linked for you to purchase locally. And when you buy your books through the links on this site, you can help support carp(e) libris. That will make me ever so grateful, as it will keep me in postage for the book giveaways.

I must give a big special thanks to Di of Di's Book Blog etc. for helping me through numerous emails! I'm not the technically savvy person I wish to someday be, and she helped me figure out how to set up my links. She's the one who told me about Book Sense to begin with! So give her blog a visit because she's a friendly blogger with an interesting site!

Don't forget to support your local bookseller (and carp(e) libris!) through the Book Sense links!


Di said...

Your welcome...and trust me, I will ask you to return the favor someday!!!

Diane said...

No problem! Thanks again, Di.