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Friday, February 15, 2008

Walking in Two Worlds by Nancy M. Peterson

When I was young, there was a series of biographies I loved reading. Our teacher gave me extra credit for each one I read, and I thought I was really pulling one over on her because I was reading them purely for the entertainment value. I guess in the end, my teacher knew what she was doing - I was learning.

Walking in Two Worlds (Mixed-Blood Indian Women Seeking Their Path)
gave me that same feeling all over again. A series of biographical stories, Peterson's book covers the lives of several mixed-blood Native American women. Each biography is compelling and inspiring, and full of descriptions of Native American life around the turn of the 20th century. This was a time in history when Native Americans were quickly losing their land, their freedom, and their identity. These women, born into a life torn between their two heritages, became the perfect fighters for what was being lost in tribal life.

Peterson's writing style is clear and easy to read, giving you the desire to learn even more of these courageous women and the struggle of their peoples. Walking in Two Worlds is a good book to read if you need a push to follow your dreams in the midst of opposition.

Published by Caxton Press.

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